Friday, April 9, 2010

Are you being pro-active or re-active?

Scott and I both read a daily devotion this morning talking about hating this life. The Scripture used was, “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal" (John 12:25).

It moved us both, because lately it seems we have been doing our day to day things only to be frustrated. In the process we have hated things we've said or when we started doing it ourselves instead of trusting God. We both recognized the tendency to re-act to life instead of being pro-active...planning with proper tools for our next step. We desire to be disciplined daily and do what is expected of us as disciples of Christ and parents. In order to accomplish this we need to be pro-active and prepared for anything. We shared that with the kids this morning using illustrations they would understand so that they too can learn from this valuable lesson. The prefix "pro" means before, forward, forth, or prior to. The prefix "re" means with regard to, again, back. We need to have a plan of action spiritually. To seek God in prayer, by reading the Word, by worship, by fellowship, by serving. If we just react to what we know we should be doing then we will become frustrated or worst...spiritually dead. An example Scott used was Haven playing baseball. He said, to be pro-active is to practice every day for the position you want to play and be prepared way in advance. To react is to wait until the day of practice and then expect to play that position since you warmed up. Or with Peyton....he can come home every day and take 15 minutes to go over what they did in school that day, and when the test is given at the end of the week he is prepared. Or he can wait until the night before the test, try and cram for that test and fail. Do we want to live a life of wisdom following the Word and being obedient, or wait until we are older or know more before we step out and do what God has told us to do? You must have a plan and be prepared if you are going to be pro-active. Another example he gave was in big business' they meet with the board to determine what they can do to fix problems or make something better all the time. We need to do the same thing with our spiritual lives. Scripture teaches us to evaluate our lives on a daily basis. We need to ask ourselves, "What do I need to repent of (change the way I think)? Then change it! So, are you going to be pro-active or re-active?

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